Understanding Foot Pain: Your Guide to Prevention and Relief

What Are Common Foot Problems and When Should You Be Worried?

Our feet serve as our body’s foundation for balance, mobility, and support. It is vital that we take care of them and listen to their needs to ensure that we remain standing with a strong structure. Even though it is made out of a great composition of  26 bones, 30 joints, and more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments, it is still prone to damage and can make you suffer through a lot of pain if not handled well. 

Various types of reasons cause foot problems that many people encounter every day. From low-level pain to extreme ones, it is essential that we know how to manage and avoid them as they can take a toll on your daily life. Some problems might even start small and progress to a much more serious case that requires a trip to a hospital if not managed properly. 

Find out more about the causes of foot pain and discover ways to manage the risk of its pain.  

What Causes Foot Pain?

Discover the common causes of foot pain and find out how to avoid them

Old age

Just like any part of our body, the strength of our feet degrades as our age increases. The sole of our feet becomes dry, and cracking may appear, inviting more chances of infection. Many older people also suffer from plantar fasciitis, or flat feet, which occurs as a result of weakening tendons that are meant to support the arch of our foot and facilitate our locomotor functions. Protective layers of the feet such as fatty tissues, joint fluids, and collagen production also become less and it invites many aging feet problems.

Standing for long periods of time

Our feet are like computers or electronics, they can suffer from overheating, parts failure, and malfunction when used for prolonged hours. Standing for a long time puts a strain on our feet. It causes our calf muscles to tighten and increases stress on the ligaments present in the bottom of our feet leading to conditions like plantar fasciitis

Being overweight

A study conducted by a group of students at La Trobe University in 2015 found enough evidence to support that obesity causes foot pain and poor foot function. People who are overweight add more pressure on the feet leading to increased stress on the bones, joints and soft tissue causing the feet to be inflamed and painful. Obesity also increases the risk of foot pain Diabetes which is one of the main risks of developing foot complications.

Due to inborn foot deformities

Inborn foot deformities like clubfoot, syndactyly toes and Cavus Foot are abnormalities due to bad alignment and structure of the foot. It also causes decreased function in terms of support and mobility as moving around with it would cause pain. Mechanisms like modified orthotics would be a helpful aid to remedy the pain. This type of foot pain requires a combination of conservative measures like physical therapy, modified assistive technology and appropriate footwear. 

Injury and Trauma

Experiencing blunt force trauma or acquiring an injury from excessive activity would probably lead to swelling and inflammation of the legs and feet. This leads to excruciating pain that would disable you to move properly or even stand at ease. In these kinds of situations, appropriate care must be applied and necessary medical attention should be given immediately to avoid long-term deformities and complications

Uncomfortable shoes

Wearing too tight, or too loose footwear can subject your feet to instability and unnecessary rubbing. It may lead to the formation of foot blisters, calluses and other friction-related injuries that would surely cause a painful effect on your feet. It provides improper support and causes various types of discomfort that may lead to many potential injuries.

Excessive walking or other intense sports activity

Excessive activities that involve the use of the lower extremities can expose your feet to repetitive stress, and overuse-related foot injuries. It can lead to stress fractures, inflammation, strain, and foot tendonitis caused by pushing your foot functions over the intended limit.

How Can You Prevent Foot Pain?

Learn how to prevent foot pain and say hello to pain-free feet

Maintain a Healthy Balance

One of the keys to a stronger set of feet is to ensure that you have a good posture. Our body is like a tower that needs to be balanced for it to stand strong and maintain its levelled structure. Be mindful of your entire body’s alignment and check if there are any abnormalities that may cause you to tilt. When you are in a one-side leaning posture most of the time, your feet would experience imbalanced pressure on both feet which may lead to misalignment or pain on the foot that experiences more pressure.

Invest in Footwear

Picking the most comfortable shoes for your specific foot structure is a must, especially those that have good arch support and can protect your feet from any possible injuries. Wearing the right shoes for you would allow you more mobility.

Practice Foot Stretches and Proper Hygiene

Taking care of your feet involves investing some time in your daily routine for a few exercises and hygiene-related activities. Start your morning with a toe spread stretch before you fully get up. Follow it up with some foot stretches like tennis ball rollout or some heel pump to ensure your feet are fully ready for the day. Do not also forget to maintain the cleanliness of your feet by regularly washing them before you sleep and keeping short and clean toenails to remain safe from risks of infection.

Don’t Overwork Your Feet 

Our feet are made to support our whole body, but it cannot function well if it is overused. Secure that you remain aware of how your feet are doing so you know when to stop exerting pressure on them and avoid possible stress and overexertion that may lead to foot injuries.

Seek Medical Help if Serious Feet Problems Occur

In cases where you have recurring foot pain or have been experiencing unbearable pain in your lower extremities area, do not delay seeking medical attention. It is vital that you remedy those kinds of situations to avoid further complications that may lead to a serious condition. 

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