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Brubacher Foot Comfort

A Different Kind of Foot Comfort Company

Most shoe manufacturers make no attempt to accommodate the unique shape of people's feet. Other than size and sometimes width certain types of shoes, it is impossible to properly fit every foot over the number of shoes involved in volume manufacturing.

Brubacher Foot Comfort

Our philosophy is the antithesis of "one shape fits all" shoe production. We custom fit shoes to your foot using a combination of the latest technology and old world craftsmanship. This, combined with extensive knowledge of the physiology of feet and the remedies to foot problems create an ideal footwear solution.

We not only offer special sizes but individual width to accommodate proper fit.

  • 3D foot scanning technology
  • Family shoe crafting experience since 1939
  • Your unique foot scan stored on file
  • Individual fit and function
  • In-house orthopaedic production
  • Shoe selection advice

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